June 11, 2019: Planning Board Minutes


June 11, 2019

Call to order time: 7:00pm

Pledge of Allegiance  

Members Present: Tyler Farwell, Mat Spendley, William Jarvis, Maurice Kelsey, Edward Mills, Doug Eddy, Andrew Jeski

Member Apologies:  None

Others in Attendance: Amy Becker – Town Clerk, Attorney James Stokes, Councilmember Doug Holdridge, Amy Miller, Jenn Farwell, Kipp Hicks, Al Szablack

RESOLUTION #13-2019: Doug Eddy made a motion to accept the May 14, 2019 minutes.

Mat Spendley seconded the motion.

Carried unanimously.

Announcements & Correspondence:  Tyler Farwell shared the Codes Enforcer’s Report for May.  Discussion was had about the firework permit at Wolf Oak Acres that is scheduled at 10pm in relation to their special use permit and noise after 10pm.  Tyler will check with Larry about the permit.

Old Business:  None

New Business:  Amy Miller gave an update on the Madison County Landfill.  She stated that they are focused on their operations currently.  They have been pushing out the new recycling materials to update the county on what and how to recycle properly.  She stated that this fall they will be attempting to have a shredding event in the Southern Tier of Madison County.  Kipp Hicks and Amy Miller both updated the Town on the plastics to energy RFP.  There were 3 proposals.  They will be looking these over and reporting back to the committee later this month.  Both Kipp and Amy will come back in approximately 3 months to keep the Town updated.

Open Discussion:  Tyler reminded everyone of the grand opening of the New Town Hall on Saturday June 22 at noon to 2pm

RESOLUTION #14-2019: Maurice Kelsey made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Bill Jarvis seconded the motion.

Carried unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:34pm.  

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