January 08, 2019: Planning Board Minutes


January 8, 2019

Call to order time: 7:00pm

Pledge of Allegiance  

Members Present: Tyler Farwell, Edward Mills, Doug Eddy, Mat Spendley, Andrew Jeski, William Jarvis, Maurice Kelsey

Member Apologies: 

Others in Attendance: Amy Becker - Town Clerk, Supervisor Yvonne Nirelli, Councilmember Doug Holdridge, Kipp Hicks, Attorney Jim Stokes, Jen Farwell, Al Szablak

RESOLUTION #1-2019: Doug Eddy made a motion to accept the December 11, 2018 minutes.

Ed Mills seconded the motion.

Carried unanimously.

Announcements & Correspondence:   Tyler Farwell showed a letter from Mr. Al Szablak.

Old Business:  Tyler Farwell began with a review of member terms.  Ed Mills asked of the process.  Supervisor Yvonne Nirelli stated that there should be a new member sworn in every year.

Action Item: All members are to look for information they may have on their terms and to turn into Supervisor Yvonne Nirelli.

Tyler Farwell asked about the methane smell at the landfill and Supervisor Yvonne Nirelli stated that it was discussed at the last Town Board meeting and that after speaking with Amy Miller that there are no problems with the landfill but due to the wet weather we have had.  Amy Miller stated that they will be putting on extra topping on to cut down on the smell.  Andy Jeski spoke about the smell and that we should be progressive about it and mentioned that he watched a show, Modern Marvels, Stink.  He stated that there was a meter that can measure the smell and that perhaps the landfill should look into that.

New Business:  Tyler Farwell gave Mr. Hicks the floor to update us on the ARE Park and to keep communications open with the town.  Mr. Hicks discussed some of the prospects that he has brought to the town.  John Hannan, Triad, has not worked out as he would have needed a discounted tipping fee and the landfill did not see any economic benefit to this.  Mike Kallet brought the blue/green fish farm project, at this time he has not been able to identify enough investors for the project.  A pilot program may be possible in the future.  The plastics and tires to energy project is still in review.  Johnson Brothers Lumber Company invested approximately 1.25 million dollars in their facility.  They have 5 full time employees.  Also the property that they are located on, 2.5 acres, was on the tax rolls.  Now in a pilot agreement, in what once received $0 is now returning over $8,000 on an annual basis to the Town, County, and School districts.  Mr. Hicks also talked about other projects that the IDA has brought into Canastota, Wampsville, and the City of Oneida.  Ed Mills asked again about perhaps a grain drying operation at the landfill and will Mr. Hicks look into other co-op companies for this.  Supervisor Yvonne Nirelli will have Amy Miller, who could not make tonight’s meeting, here at the next Planning Board meeting on February 12th, to discuss more on the landfill.  She also stated that the landfill is now able to better monitor the methane, as it is more consistent and they are more able to regulate.  Supervisor Yvonne Nirelli stated that the 2010 census is incorrect and is making Lincoln look like we have a much higher medium income than we do, which is a hurdle in getting grant money for companies wanting to come into the ARE Park.  The next Census is in 2020 and Supervisor Nirelli will be working on getting this done correctly.

Open Discussion:  None

RESOLUTION #2-2019: Maurice Kelsey made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Mat Spendley seconded the motion.

Carried unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:35pm.  

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