June 12, 2019: Meeting Minutes


June 12, 2019

Call to order time: 7:00pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Members Present: SupervisorYvonne Nirelli, Councilmember Doug Holdridge, Councilmember MelissaDuring, Councilmember Russell Blanchard, Councilmember Doug Fusillo,

Member Apologies:None

Others in Attendance: AmyBecker Town Clerk, Attorney Jim Stokes, Neil Nirelli, Al Szablak,Chuck Ghosin, Jenn Farwell, Tyler Farwell, Doug Eddy, Mat Spendley

Supervisor Nirelli started themeeting with a Thank you to all for attending and welcomed everyoneto the New Town Hall.

RESOLUTION#59-2019: CouncilmemberRussell Blanchard made a motion to accept the May 15, 2019 minutes

CouncilmemberMelissa During seconded the motion.


TownClerk’s Report: Readby Amy Becker, Town Clerk

RESOLUTION#60-2019: CouncilmemberMelissa During made a motion to accept the Clerk’s Report

CouncilmemberDoug Holdridge seconded the motion.


HighwaySuperintendent’s Report: None

Code Officer Report:Read by Supervisor Nirelli and turned into the Town Clerk to file.

DogControl Report: Readby the Town Clerk and filed.

Supervisor’sFinancials Report:Read by Supervisor Yvonne Nirelli.

GeneralFund:Balance for May 1, 2019 was $119,763.25, Savings: $386,145.04,Disbursements: $24,129.35 Receivables: $7,644.50, Building CapitalReserve: $64,361.51.

Highway:Balance for May 1, 2019 was $243,971.08, Savings: $341,254.91,Disbursements: $29,890.38, Ending Balance: $214,445.60

StreetLighting:Balance for May 1, 2019 was $6,322.82, Receivables: $.11,Disbursements: $218.87, Ending Balance: $6,104.06


RESOLUTION#61-2019: CouncilmemberDoug Holdridge made a motion to accept the Supervisor’s report.

CouncilmemberRussell Blanchard seconded the motion.


Announcements& Correspondence: Supervisor Nirelli stated that there has been some vandalismhappening in the Town of Lincoln and Lenox on or about Jenny andBruce roads.

DAnight will be June 13, and after this there will be regularlyscheduled Court and DA nights.

SupervisorNirelli stated in regards to letters she has received about speedingin the Town of Lincoln that there has been more of a police presenceand they have installed a few of the speed monitoring devices. Alsothere have been more tickets given out. We are also continuing toget some of the speeds changed.

New Business: SupervisorNirelli was approached by the Town of Lincoln Fire Department for aparcel of land that the town owns adjacent to the Fire Department,which was once to be the old Highway Department and is nowcontaminated, be deeded over to them to be used as extra parking. Supervisor Nirelli asked for comments. Councilmember Doug Holdridgewas in favor as long as it was stated that nothing will ever beallowed to be built on it. Jenn Farwell said there was grant fundingfor spill cleanup available as well.

SupervisorNirelli stated that most everything has been moved to the new TownHall. Just a few items remained. She suggested to the Board that weget an assessment of value of the old Town Hall so we can decidedwhat to do with the Old Building.

SupervisorNirelli asked Jenn Farwell about her plans for the Grand opening onJune 22, noon to 2:30. Jenn stated that they have a bouncy housecoming and has not heard back from the Town of Lincoln Firedepartment regarding getting a truck here as well. She also statedwe need to have prepared food brought in and drinks. SupervisorNirelli stated the both of our Eagle Scout donators will be here atthe ribbon cutting as well.

The Board of Elections askedabout where we will have future voting, will we move to the newbuilding or keep it at the Town of Lincoln Fire Department. Morediscussion will be had at a later date.

OldBusiness: SupervisorNirelli stated that the Clockville Water District will be going to aspecial vote on Wednesday, Aug 14, 2019 from 6am to 9pm at the Townof Lincoln Fire Department. It will include only the people that arepart of the Water District, registered voters only. Chuck Ghoslinasked about absentee ballot. Supervisor Nirelli stated that there isnot time for absentee ballots due to the timing of the vote. TheCounty will be sending out notices to the people in the waterdistrict. USDA grants are still pending.

SupervisorNirelli stated that Optimum Energy is interested in coming out tospeak with the town. Supervisor Nirelli would like to consider afocus group and have a Dr. of Physics to come in for a question andanswer session for the planning board to summarize thebenefits/problems of windmills in our time. She would like to puttogether a group to come up with a strategic plan for Town ofLincoln, zoning minimums, possibly putting a local law in place for apilot program. If there are any residents interested in being a partof this focus group, please contact the Board. Jenn Farwell statedthat the Empire State Development has money for strategic plans. Shewill look into and report back.

Public Comments:Chuck Ghoslin asked about the anticipated date the County is sendingout the information regarding the Water District Vote. SupervisorNirelli stated that it will be going out soon. Doug Holdridge askedabout making the Town of Lincoln and property here a “smoke freezone”

RESOLUTION#62-2019: CouncilmemberMelissa During made a motion to make the Town of Lincoln a smokefree campus.

CouncilmemberDoug Holdridge seconded the motion.


RESOLUTION#63-2019: CouncilmemberDoug Holdridge made a motion for payment of Claims

CouncilmemberDoug Fusillo seconded the motion.


SupervisorNirelli stated the next meeting will be July 10th,and she looks forward to seeing everyone at our open house onSaturday June 22!

RESOLUTION#64-2019: CouncilmemberMelissa During made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

CouncilmemberRussel Blanchard seconded the motion.


Meetingwas adjourned at 8:01pm.

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